Health and nutrition are two most important aspects of the life of a student studying in college. However, most students ignore this crucial aspect of health by eating fast food, processed food, and other food items that are not good for their health. They find it difficult to eat a healthy and well balanced diet and instead depend upon partying, late night food deliveries, and unhealthy snacks that wreck havoc on their health. It is not surprising to find most of the college students obese and having very little immunities. Thankfully, Mother Nature has provided fresh fruits and green vegetables full of all the nutrients that students need to stay healthy and fit.

The thing to remember is that while vegetables and fruits are great sources of nutrition, not one vegetable or fruit has all the vitamins and minerals needed by human body on a daily basis. This is the reason why variety is as important as quantity when it comes to eating healthy and balanced diet. A healthy diet full of these vegetables and fruits can not only keep a college student healthy and fit but also help in keeping many kinds of diseases away.

In general fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibre. Vitamins and minerals are required by human body in certain quantities on a daily basis to perform optimally. Dietary fibre is helpful in improving the health of digestive system. It also helps in preventing constipation in students.

Students are tempted to much tasty snacks and fast food instead of eating vegetables and fruits. These snacks are full of unhealthy fats and sugar that can wreck havoc on the health of students. They have very little nutritional value for students but they still go for them because of their taste and easy availability. In contrast, a diet containing fruits and vegetables is full of antioxidants in addition to all the vitamins and minerals. These micronutrients have many benefits for the body and minds of students.

  • Vitamins and minerals keep the bones and the organs healthy and prevent the onset of many kinds of diseases
  • Fruits and vegetables improve the immune system of students, lowering the chances of catching viral infections
  • They get the energy needed to take part in sports and other physical activities for fast research paper writing
  • They help in improving the focus and concentration of students and they are able to perform better
  • Dietary fibre in fruits and leafy vegetables improves digestive system. It makes them feeling full so that they are not hungry in between meals. Thus they are not tempted to go for snacks that are the main cause of obesity in students.

There are nine different families of vegetables and fruits having thousands of plant compounds that are beneficial for the health of students. This is the reason students should include vegetables and fruits of different colours in their diet so as to stay healthy and fit. For example, orange colour carrots are rich in vitamin A while spinach is a green vegetable super rich in iron.

Students should learn about various sources of micronutrients and try to include all kinds of vegetables and fruits in their daily diet. It is true that students have a very busy schedule and they face difficulties in cooking vegetables and fruits in their dorm rooms. But they can always eat some fruits and vegetables in their raw form rather than cooking them. They can also learn how to make tasty salads containing vegetables to derive all the benefits of these vegetables for their body and mind.