Filed eryngo is a perennial plant, overgrown with thorns. The root of the plant is tough and fibrous and has a branched stem up to 60 cm high. The leaves are leathery and hard, just serrated, and the flowers are spherical in white and blue shades on the top of the branches.
filed eryngo grows on dry, rocky places, pastures, fields and sandy soils.

Dried root and above-ground sections are used for crue.
In folk medicine and phytotherapy, bull thistle is used against diseases of urinary organs, with enlarged prostate, prostate adenoma, impaired urination, spasticity of urinary organs, stomach, uterus and gall bladder.
filed eryngo, is also used as a natural aphrodisiac.

Willow -Epilobumparviflorum

Willow is a perennial plant with high stem 30 to 120 cm, covered with hairs and on the bottom with developed rosette. The leaves are oval, 10 cm long, rarely serrated. Its flowers are 10 mm and have a reddish pink color on top of the plant.
It grows in damp areas, next to forests and forest roads.


For crue is used above-ground section and flowers during blooming.
The willow is used to treat the inflammation of the prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia) and urination problems (prostatic hypertrophy), diseases of the bladder and kidneys, and also for cancer on the bladder.
When collecting the willow, it is needed to be careful not to confuse with willow that grows along rivers which is higher than 1.5 meters, Epilobiumhirsuitum, which is not enough examined, and it is supposed that is not healty (which has opposite effect)

Winter savory
Winter savory is evergreen upright or slanting bush. The branches are dense and covered with tiny oval leaves, arranged in four rows. The flowers are dense. Winter evergrin grows on infertile, acidic soils.

Gypsywort – Lycopuseuropaeus (Wolf’s Foot)
Gypsywort is an annual plant, with foursquared erect stem that grows up to 70 cm. Its leaves are improperly dumped with short stalks. The flowers are white in the bottom of the leaves. It blooms in summer which is also then collected.


For medication is collected above-ground sections.
Gypsywort is used in hyperfunction of thyroid disorders in the autonomic nervous system, tension and pain in the chest due to greater working of the thyroid gland.