Ginkgo is a deciduous tree, basket-like with cracked bark, which can live more than 100 years. The leaves are long leaf stems, which resemble a widespread range, with many parallel nerves. Male flowers are hanging, while female flowers are on the bolded tip of the branches and have 2 seeds. The seed is like plum and its eatable.


For medication the leaf and the seed are used.
Extract from the leaf is also used to improve peripheral circulation, for the treatment of cerebral insufficiency, dizziness, headache, inflammation of the veins, ulcers on the feet, depression, decreased concentration and mental exhaustion in the elderly, asthma, disturbances in clots of blood in heart attack or stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, vascular demendacija, arteriosclerosis of blood vessels in the brain, raynaud syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, and all this in the form of finished products (tablets, etc.), not like tea.

glandular globe-thistle – Echinopssphaerocephalus
Glandular globe-thistle is a perennial plant (thistle) with erect branched stem, up to 80 cm. The leaves are hairy with spines. The flowers are single, in narrow wedge-shaped beech baskets in blue or white color. Glandular globe-thistle grows in dry places by roads, fields, abandoned and uncultivated lands.


For medication is collected above-ground sections, as a herb that has the capacity to strengthen the physical ability in humans, as well as psychological and mental ability and is therefore used as a remedy for fatigue, general weakness, paralysis, neurology, sexual weakness and improves vision.
Glandular globe-thistle used as a natural aphrodisiac.

Dandelion is a perennial herb that grows 20 cm, without overhead stam. The leaves are elongated and intercepted and on the top they are sharp. The flowers of dandelion are yellow and white with a long handle.When you separate the plant, releases white milk which is not poisonous. Dandelion is prevalent everywhere. And it can be collected the whole herb.


Dandelion known means for purifying the blood and the body strengthening. Also the dandelion is explanatory to be used against pneumonia in bile and liver for internal bleeding lungs, kidneys and hemorrhoid.
Dandelion can also be used against diseases of pancreas and diabetes, a disease of the urinary tract and kidneys. Dandelion improves appetite and is rich with vitamins and minerals

Tansy -Tanacetumvulgare
Tansy is a perennial plant, which has a high trunk up to 1.5 meter. The leaves of this herb are double separated, and dentate on the edges. The flowers are golden yellow color on top of the plant.
Tansy grows in wet places, beside rivers, roads, boundaries, even 1800 meters altitude.