Yarrow, monthly is among the most famous and best herbs from this area.
It grows 30 to 80 cm and the leaves from bright becomes to dark green. Has white or pink flowers collected in flower at the top of the herb.The products are pretty long, silver gray. The leaves and flowers are fine aromatic smell and their taste is fragrant and less discipline. It blooms from the beginning of spring until the end of summer. It collects the whole herb in length of 30 cm.

Ingredients: it contains ahilein and essential oil which contains chamomile. There are resin, protein, fitosterin, phosphates, nitrates …

Healing effect: Favorable impacts on various diseases of the intestines and stomach, improving appetite, removal of abdominal bloating, cramping in the intestines and stomach, inflammatory bowel disease, gastritis. This tea increases the activity of the intestinal glands, removes the phenomena of boiling , interfere with the liver and biliary spasms. Due to the significant content of potassium it is is good for proper operation of the kidney because it causes (no sensation) increased urination. These favorable impacts of the digestive tract to revive restore venous flow of blood to the heart, facilitate and improves blood flow, which again comes to improving heart function. Regular enjoying the fresh juice of yarrow helps with the deformation of the heart muscle.

The great healing of fresh juice – must always be taken in its fresh state and must not cross the border of boiling – it is explained by the content of chlorophyll, which causes a beneficial influence on the authorities to create blood, which strengthens the entire body and it strengthens the resistance to other diseases. The juice is extracted in a blender -200 grams of chopped leaves and flowers and 200 grams of water. Using yarrow and purifying blood quickly reduces difficulties in rheumatism and gout, a beneficial effect in the treatment of diabetes, particularly in the initial stage.
The white blossoms yarrow gives good results, taken as a tea. Many worryes and discomfort would disappear if women use this natural remedy .


Tea: 2 tablespoons poured in 1/2 liter of boiled water. It stands folded for 5 minutes,then you strain it and drink 2-3 cups a day (for treatment of stomach and intestines drink unsweetened).
Balm for hemorrhoids:
50 gr. crushed flower and 20 grams of crushed raspberry leaf, it fryes for 10 minutes quietly with 150 grams of Vaseline (or lard) and 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Standing folded all night and it heatens in the morning and then it strain. Several times a day with it smear inflamed hemorrhoids, previously washed with lukewarm chamomile tea.
Tincture: tincture Yarrow is done in a 1: 5 100 grams of crushed dried flowers and 500 ml. quality brandy or 70% alcohol. Standing in a dark place for at least two weeks. then strain and used in menstrual disorders, prolonged or irregular cycles. Especially recommended to regulate the cycle in young girls. Drink two to three times daily 15 drops in a glass of water.