This medical condition is spreading fast nowadays because of the different sources of environmental pollution. The chemical industry releases hundreds of new harmful substances in the environment every year. We can say that each new active molecule is a factor for eczema development. There are different kinds of eczema depending on the source that causes them: contact, allergic eczema, atopic, seborrheic and others. Eczema can be acute and chronic.
Healing eczema can be difficult and complicated and doctors usually can’t be sure of the source that caused the illness.
Eczema appears when a toxic substance enters the organism by the air we breathe, the water we drink or the food we consume. People that are prone to allergies are also prone to develop eczema. Also, people that suffer from asthma are more likely to have eczema. This condition is a psychosomatic disorder that is difficult to cure. Some medicine may be effective for some people, but not for others.
Eczema develops in four phases: is starts with redness and swelling, then small blisters appear and are usually itchy and filled with yellowish fluid and then scabies appear. The last phase is skin peeling.
Eczema can appear on different parts of the body. Children mostly have eczema on the inner part of the elbow, on the crotch or on the back of the knee. Adults usually experience eczema on the scalp, on the ears, around the nose and lips, on the hands or on the genital organs. Individuals who suffer from varicose veins usually have eczema on their legs because of the poor circulation, which is suitable for eczema development.
If your eczema spreads too fast please consult a doctor immediately. Be careful and don’t treat eczema with too strong medicines because it may get worse and cause some serious problems to the internal organs.
Healing herbs are very useful in treating eczema because they are mild and have calming properties.
In addition, avoid the things that make your condition worse, for example avoid using chemical products and use protective gloves when you wash the dishes.
Children who have eczema should consume dairy products in moderation and also eat in moderation.

don’t wash the affected skin with water and soup, but use almond oil or olive oil.
-sometimes you need to apply some powder in order to calm the itching, but be careful what kind of powder you will use. The best options are organic cornflour, wheat flour or bean flour.

Also, you can use apple or carrot pulp because both contain vitamin A, which is very important factor in healing eczema.