Wild thyme essence

4 tablespoons shredded thyme is placed in 2 cups rakia let it sit for 8-10 days. Strain and use for rubbing and massaging the affected areas.

Birch and pepper balm

35 g of birch buds and roots of burdock, and 10 g red pepper are covered with ВЅ l rakia and let sit for 7 days. Then add honey and affected areas are massaged with that content.

Mix of honey and salt

1 cup honey 1 ВЅ cup beetroot juice, mix with ВЅ cup rakia and 1 tablespoon salt. With the mixture rub affected areas every day before bedtime.

Folk means for badly healing wounds

Caution! In severe wounds that heal roughly it’s necessary to get an urgent consultation with a doctor to check the condition of blood sugar because the wound that badly heals talks about possible diabetes.

Juice of black blueberries

3 times a day take 1 tablespoon between meals. Treatment lasts up to 2 months.

Essence of garlic

A bottle of ВЅ l filled up 1/3 with finely chopped garlic, then filled up 2/3 with rakia, close and allow to sit for 21 days in the sun or in a warm place. After that strain. Then take 10 drops with milk, 3 times a day treatment lasts up to 2 months.

Cold strained sunflower oil

Take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day

Tea basil

Every day, drink 2 cups of basil tea. 1 tablespoon basil in 1 cup boiling water.

Folk means for badly healing wounds
For external use
Walnut leaves oil

Mix 100 g leaves of walnut, and 300 g of vegetable oil and allow to sit for 2 weeks. Rub this oil on wounds 3-4 times a day.

Every day put compresses of honey on wounds that are healing slowly.
Roots of geranium

Fresh and washed roots of geranium are covered with 250 ml of water and boiled over low fire and are cooled. Put on compresses every day, but before that the wound should be washed with the liquid.
Chaga mushroom balm (birch fungus) and onions unsalted cow butter max into foam and it fry in a few onions. Chop the fried onion finely and mix with 1 teaspoon of Chaga. Folk doctors confirm that each wound recovers with the balm.
If you do not have such fungus, make balms with giant puffball powder (genus 1usoregs1op or Sa1uapa). The puffball is collected when ripe, summer or fall, the inner dark part is sieved and stored in a glass jar. In pressure sores and severe wounds directly salt on the dust, and also can be mixed with marigold balm or another herb, and then placed on the wound.

Birch bark

All wounds heal when you cover them with a thin layer of soft and crisp crusts of birch (peeled from the tree and soaked with saliva and glued on with the smooth side on the wound).