With regular consumption of garlic you can regulate cholesterol levels in the blood and prevent blood clot and capillaries. Garlic is often used against headaches and painful cramps in the calves, which often occur in the elderly, because a positive act of maintaining the elasticity of blood vessels and reducing blood viscosity. Consumption of garlic improves digestion and the work of the stomach, stimulates the liver, the kidney and prostate helps in the treatment of various lung diseases, influenza and bronchitis. In folk medicine, garlic is used for ejecting the threadworm. Food products that “kill” odor of garlic are: cloves, mint leaves, green tea, lemon, parsley, basil, apples, prunes, peaches, spinach.
Against kidney stones

Peel 4 heads of garlic, finely chopped, to be broken and poured 500 milliliters of white wine. Boil for 15 minutes on low heat and drain. Drink a cup of brandy every morning before breakfast.

Drops of garlic against inflammation of ear, nose, throat and itching

2 heads garlic oppress the pestle, placed in plastic jar and poured a half cup of olive oil. The mixture is left to stand in daylight for 10 days, during which stir 2-3 times. After 10 days drain and in the mixture is placed a drop of purified glycerin. Transfer to a dark bottle, sealed, then refrigerated. The expiry date of these drops is 2 months. 2-3 drops of these put directly to inflamed sites, once daily.

Wine with garlic for help in treating inflammation of the bladder, cystitis

In 1 liter of homemade wine is placed 250 grams of garlics and put to boil for 30 minutes in a covered pot. After 30 minutes drain and let stand to cool. After cooling, collected in dark bottles. From wine drink a brandy cup 3 times a day before meal.

Bath with garlic against hemorrhoids

One clove garlic finely and place in a half-liter of lukewarm milk. Let stand 20 minutes, then sits in it. This bath is practiced 7-10 days.

Potion with garlic on aid treatment for angina pectoris

In a saucepan with 1 liter of cold water put 36 cloves finely chopped garlic and chopped 3 lemons. Saucepan is placed over low heat to boil water. Before you boil the water pull the fire and let stand for 12 hours, then drain. The liquid is stored in a bottle and drink it in 20-40 milliliters, every morning on an empty stomach. Treatment lasts 40 days.

Garlic ointment for help in treating skin tumors and skin nodules

In cup water put 2 dried figs softened, then pureed and mixed with acidified yeast and a mashed garlic clove. Salve applied to the canvas and placed on painful spots. The whole procedure is repeated every day until tumor (growth on the skin) disappears.