Wart is a skin growth that appears as a result of human papillomavirus. You can get this virus if you use an infected towel, shoes or use the same bathroom with an infected person. Warts can be small or big and their appearance mostly depends on the physical and mechanical influences. If your skin is irritated the warts may get worse. Warts can appear on different parts of the body. The warts that appear on the hands are usually round and small, but those that appear on the face, around the lips and nose are long and thin. Moreover, warts can appear on the sole of the foot especially in areas that are under pressure while walking. Sometimes they are mistaken with clavus. Warts that appear on the sole of the foot are very uncomfortable and painful because are deep in the skin and cause problems while walking. However, as we mentioned before warts are a viral infection and the human organism in short time develops immunity against the virus and warts disappear without treatment. The treatment depends on their kind, location and size. If the warts don’t disappear after a medicine treatment, doctors decide to treat them with more aggressive methods such as, laser, radio waves and surgical removal. However, none of these methods can’t guarantee that they won’t appear again.
Take care of your skin every day and avoid highly protein diets because they damage the skin function.
Remember: warts appear on damaged skin. Dry and dehydrated skin is more prone to viruses and skin growths.