Breasts are a very important part of the female body. Every woman has numerous questions when it comes to their size, shape and look. Are my boobs too small? Too big? Are they saggy? Plastic surgeries, silicons and hormonal drugs for breasts enlargement may cause serious problems.
Phytotherapy is a harmless alternative to surgery. It uses healing herbs which may help, but aren’t magical. Healing herbs can’t turn small breasts into big breasts over night, but won’t hurt you either. Healing herbs and flowers can’t lift already sagging breasts, but with constant use they can prevent sagging. There aren’t muscles in the breast area that you can work on in order to lift them. Breasts are just clusters of mammary glands protected with fat and skin. The internal muscles are very weak. The way your breasts look depends on your body posture. Ladies that had proper posture and straight back in their teenage period have beautiful breasts.This is because their back and neck muscles are strong and they support the breasts’ skin. We will give you a few tips to prevent sagging breasts.

Always wear a bra because it is good for your breasts. Maybe it is more comfortable going braless, but it can result in different problems later. You should always wear a bra when playing tennis or basketball or when you run.

Do not lose too much weight at once because you will lose the fat, but you will get sagging breasts.

Do not get pregnant before you are 18 because getting pregnant at young age may harm your breasts. In addition, breastfeeding doesn’t harm them but teenage pregnancy does.

Every woman who cares for her breasts’ health should check her breasts on a regular basis. With firm touch make circular motions in order to notice if there are some changes. If you notice any lump or something similar consult your doctor. In this way you can discover cancer in its early stage or discover that you have breast cysts which are common, but not cancerous.