In case you suffer from endometritis you should know that specialist recommend avoiding alcohol, caffeine, milk, eggs, red meat, salt, sugar and fried food.
Soy- many followers of the alternative medicine have accepted soy products in treating endometritis and different diseases that are connected to estrogen, especially breast cancer. People that use soy know that in soy there are two plant-derived compounds similar to estrogen. These two phytoestrogens prevent your organism from absorbing harmful estrogen agents that flow through the blood.
Flaxseed – the flaxseed is rich in lignans, compounds that can control endometrial cancer. Endometritis is not the same as endometrial cancer, but the two conditions are manifested in enlarged ednometrial tissue. Try treating this condition with flaxseed.
Peanuts -they contain very healthy compounds just like soy and all other nuts. Consume peanuts every day.
Tea for treating endometriosis

Mix the following herbs: liquorice, yarrow, calendula, flaxseed, sage and greater celandine. In ВЅ liter of hot water and two spoons of the mixture and boil for three minutes. Leave the tea soak for ten minutes and then strain. Drink the tea during the day.