Some health issues don’t always destroy the beauty of people, but can cause very unpleasant problems. This is the case of cracked nipples, a condition that mothers who breastfeed usually experience.
Breasts cracks are tiny but painful harms on the nipples and if are not treated may develop infections on the mammary glands. At first they appear as small red dots and then develop in dark swelling or abscess (accumulation of pus in the breast). The infection matures and leaves a mark and can even make a fistula, which is very difficult to treat.
Cracked nipples should be treated from the very beginning. Baby’s saliva and the fermentation of the breast milk are the main reasons for nipple cracks. In this case, the mother should stop breastfeeding. It’s the best solution and both the mother and baby will be protected from this issue.
Prevention and proper hygiene:

When you breastfeed allow the baby to suck only as much as he needs. Do not let the baby play with your nipples after you’ve fed him. After the breastfeeding clean your nipple with 60% alcohol and apply some olive oil or almond oil. You can also use St John’s wort oil.

If your nipples are too painful, sore and cracked you should immediately consult your doctor. The doctor will give you the proper treatment and also lactation suppression drugs in order to prevent other problems.
Here is what you can do to help yourself:

make cataplasm of fresh birch buds tea (four pinches for a cup) and place it on the nipple
make poultices of fresh yarrow leaves and place them on the painful nipple
make poultices soaked in a mixture of yarrow and camomile tea (two pinches of each herb boiled in a liter of water). Also, drink two cups of this tea a day.

Wash your breast in a lotion made of:

two pinches of dark mullein, two pinches of wild rose flowers a pinch of comfrey and two pinches of fenugreek. Boil the mixture for ten minutes.