Eat foods with a smaller amount of fat, mainly of plant origin. Numerous studies show that lowering of fat, especially animal products, lower blood pressure.
Eat more foods that act on blood pressure lowering, soybeans, rice, oatmeal, fruits and vegetables with many herbal fibers. For blood pressure lowering garlic and onions, olive oil, peas, apples, green tea, milk, yogurt, sour milk, fish work …
It is known that potassium from food acts on blood pressure lowering and modern food production is poorer with this important mineral and sodium salt is increasingly added to processed foods despite its harmful properties. Potassium is mostly found in potato, orange, banana, pumpkin, apricot, peach, tomato, milk, plums, meat and liver, sardines, celery … It is recommended to drink 2 to 3 dl orange juice, and eat salads daily fresh fruit, juices, including tomato and one or two apples a day.
In serious increase in pressure you should implement a strict diet with rice, vegetables and fresh fruit.
It is thought that for lowering pressure selenium has a beneficial effect, which is mostly in corn hotbeds, offal, tunа, garlic, eggplant and brussel sprouts. It’s more useful to consume than these foods to buy expensive products with selenium.
Depending on whether there are other conditions or obstacles the usage of other groceries should be reduced. In the case of diabetes, reduce carbohydrates, especially sugar, in the event of cardiac or cerebral atherosclerosis – fatty foods.
Groceries with low sodium that can be used by people with hypertension are: bread without salt, pasta, rice, oatmeal, fruit, potatoes, fresh fish and meat, natural spices, breakfast cereals and milk

Treatment with herbs

30 g olive leaf, corn silk, stem from horsetail, chicory, leaf and lemon balm flower, hawthorn flower, white mistletoe, wild mint leaf and 20g. willow bark and leaf blackberry. The grasses should be crushed and grinded.
In 1 liter of boiling water put 10 g. of the grinded grass and leave it covered to boil for 1 minute. Let it cool and strain, should be kept in bottles. Drink 6 dcl. of the liquid in equal intervals throughout the day.
The food that is consumed should be prepared on herb oil and more vegetables should be added in. It is used without roux and the vegetables should be well cooked.

Tea yield results if previously was treated atherosclerosis. This approach successfully treats the lightweight form of the disease which is in the initial stage.

Tea for a severe form of this disease:

40 g. olive leaf, yarrow flowers, nettle root, hawthorn blossom, white mistletoe and 30g. horsetail, bearberry leaf and lemon balm, 20g. couch grass , blackberry leaf, mistletoe.
Brewing method, diet and all the rest is the same with the light form of the disease. In the severe form of the disease you must eat bread from a mixture of wheat, barley, corn and rye. It is recommended to eat as many onions, lettuce and tomatoes, preferably without salt.
During treatment what isn’t allowed: smoking, coffee and alcohol, and eating spicy food, canned beef, all kinds of roasted blue fish, hard boiled eggs, savory cheeses and so on. Regular consumption of strong vegetable soups can do much more for the normalization of blood pressure and preventing heart diseases. Can also help in the prevention of cancer, obesity, diabetes and constipation. Such vegetable soups are very good

What should be put in this soup? You can use any vegetables. There are many herbs that can help in regulating high blood pressure that you can make into a very cozy tea.