The milk thistle is a plant with an upright stem up to 1,5m. The leaves at the base are large, defaced and overgrown with thistles. The flowers are red, complex on the top of the plant.
The milk thistle gorws by itself, beside roads and abandoned settlements and etc.

For cure use the flower, the leaf and the seed. The milk thistle has antitoxic action of the liver and it is used to purify the liver from toxins, restore liver impairment due to alcohol and various hemikalin, reducing cholesterol, triglycerides and bilirubin in the liver.
Milk thistle can also be used for: asthma, headache, improving the operation of gall bladder and liver, jaundice (hepatitis), diabetes and so on.

False mandrake
(wild vine, wild hops)
The false mandrake is a perennial plant with thick root as turnips, its stem is thin and long up to 4 meters, with hairs and it climbs on trees or walls. The leaves are alternate, irregularly toothed. The flowers are greenish white and the product is a round berry, big up to 6 mm. White pumpkin grows in wet areas, along streams, rivers, boundaries and roads.

For cure use root and above-ground section.
The herb is very poisonous and should not be used without the supervision of a physician.
False mandrake in folk medicine is used as a strong tool for purification.
Externally, the false mandrake is used for rheumatism, neuralgia, colds, enlarged lymph glands.
White pumpkin laso has has anti-cancer effect.


For light use above-ground part, leaf and flower. This plant is collected from June to August.
Has a bitter taste, stimulates appetite, acts as holagog, expectorant, antabitsko has bacteriostatic and antiseptic properties.
Externally use for cuts, wounds and herpes.