Polyps are growths on the mucous membrane that may occur in different parts of the skin, for example, in the intestines, uterus or in the walls of the bladder. They can be single or multiple (FAP.).
Mostly (up to 63%) polyps can localize through the passage of the large intestine and rectum. Any patient with polyps should immediately go to medical examination, to avoid the development of tumor. The results show that after removal of polyps they occur and grow again.
Folk medicine recipes with snake mile

Tincture of peppermint, tea from snake milk and dog rose syrup (1 tablespoon of each) are mixed and the mixture is taken 6 times a day 1 tablespoon.
One tablespoon snake milk is boiled out with 1 cup boiling water pot cover and boil 15 minutes on steam. Then strain and the resulting amount is diluted with the same amount of boiled water. From this mixture drink ВЅ cup 2-3 times a day, during the discharge of the moon.

Polypus in the nose

Benign polyps in the nose grow on the nasal tissue or around the nostrils, which are found mainly in children. They occur due to chronic inflammation (sneeze, sinuses), or as a result of allergies.
The main symptoms are chronic sneezing, heavy breathing through the nose, headaches, dizziness, rapid fatigue because of wheezing and so on.
Due to age, especially due to the anatomy of the ear in children even ordinary small polyps in the nose may lead to deafness due to increased entry of air into the nasal area.
Normal breathing through the nose is extremely important because of anatomical aspect cause of ear diseases preventive and hearing conservation.
Certainly it requires a doctor’s visit in the presence of any of these symptoms

Folk means which impede the development of polyps in the nose

Solution of baking soda, salt and iodine drops 5% – iodine tincture, Вј teaspoon baking soda and ВЅ teaspoon salt are mixed and with this solution daily, especially in winter, wash the nose.

A solution of beetroot and honey in sneezing, 4-5 times daily, drip the solution of ВЅ spoon beetroot juice and 1 tablespoon honey in the nose.

Iodine network

During the spring and autumn, before sleeping the sinus area is smeared with iodine tincture, which resembles a network and is therefore called “iodine network.”
You can also try with fresh nipplewort juice. Grind fresh nipplewort squeeze and store in the refrigerator.