50 g. wild summer savory and 1 liter white wine. Leave covered for 10 days, mixing often. Strain and drink 1 cup, 2 times a day before meals, as an aperitif.

Against spiritual malaise, nervous exhaustion, as a remedy that gives back power, strengthens, and motivates work

80 g. sage leaves and 1 liter red wine. Put the sage in the wine, seal tightly and then let it soak for 8 days. Mix several times during those 8 days. Strain and take 1 to 3 tablespoons a day after meals.

Rinsing ulcers and wounds

2 handsfull dried and sliced nettle and 1 liter hot rakia. Mix the ingredients and let tem sit for 6 to 8 weeks. Repeatedly mix, strain. Only use externally. Massage the hurt places several times a day and before bedtime.

Against baldness

3 spoons rosemary leaves, 3 spoons young nettle roots, 3 spoons ivy leaves, 3 spoons sage leaves, 3 spoons walnut leaves and 3 spoons burdock leaves. Put all of that in a liter of grappa and keep it in a warm place for 20 days, mix several times a day. Strain and use this tincture for massaging the scalp and the whole head every day. On the fourth day wash your hair with baby soap. After this wash your hair for 5 minutes in 1 liter of water with 50 g. grappa. Do this for 30 days. Pause for 10 days and then continue. The hair will start to grow and the living force of the hair roots will rise.

Rheumatic diseases

50 g. horse-chestnut fruit and 1/2 liter grappa. Drill the fruit and pour grappa over them. Seal the container tightly and keep in a warm place for 40 days. Occasionally mix. Strain and seal tightly, store it in a dark place. At night massage the rheumatic places 10 to 15 minutes. The tincture can be used for many years.

Strengthening the organism

6 spoons evergreen leaves and 1 liter good red wine. Mix together and then store in a warm room for 20 days, tightly sealed. Shake several times a day. Strain and drink 100 g. after eating. Drink for 10 days.

Pain in bones

Put 4 tablespoons wormwood leaves and flowers, 4 spoons conyza leaves and flowers, and a leaf of white ash tree in a liter of hot rakia or 80% alcohol. Keep in a warm place for 20 days and mix occasionally. Strain and massage several times a day until the skin absorbs. After the massage wrap the massaged places with towels and lay for 3 hours.

Acute sneeze

Grate 3 spoons horseradish, 2 spoons black radish and put ВЅ liter of wine vinegar. Keep in a warm place, sealed in a bottle for 15 days. During that time, mix several times a day. Strain, soak cotton and then soak the nostrils and inhale.