In a liter bottle put 3 tablespoons minced birch leaves, yarrow leaf and flower and pour in good wine. Close and let sit in the sun or a warm place for 20 days, with frequent mixing, then strain into a clean bottle. Drink before breakfast, lunch and dinner 50 grams over 10 days.

Fruit apples, quince, medlar and blackberries, soak in black wine 10 days, then 3 times a day, take 1 cup half an hour before meals

Eight foods for a healthy heart

Carrot-rich in beta carotene and fiber;
Black and green tea- rich in flavonoids reduces oxidation of cholesterol;
Garlic – lowers blood pressure and cholesterol;
Salmon – rich in omega 3 fatty acids – reduces triglycerides and cholesterol;
Broccoli- rich in antioxidants and fiber;
Walnut- rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E;
Onion- improves HDL -cholesterol;
Food from soya- herbal proteins;

How and what to eat-guidance and advice

Eat foods consisting of approximately 30% of calories from protein, 20% fat and 50% carbohydrates;
Eat 50% of your calories as fresh food;
Eat non-fat proteins, whose source is vegetables such as soy products, nuts, seeds, grains, rice, beans, corn. Animal protein should primarily come from sources such as fish and poultry without supplements inserted hormones;
Sources of fat should be fish, avocados, nuts, seeds and olive oil;
Carbohydrates have been derived from vegetables (fresh or cooked by steaming), fruits, grains;
-Oil, eat it fresh, do not heat it;
-Eat in more slender meals during the day;
-don’t eat three hours before bedtime;
-Drink 2-3 liters of pure water per day;
-Eat slowly and chew food well.

Food additions

Notable enhancements for your heart health include: vitamin E, C, Beta Carotene, Ku Enzymes, 0- 10, magnesium, calcium, selenium, L-Carnitine, Pucnogenol, Vitamin B-6, B-12, Folic Acid, lecithin, omega 3 fatty acids.

Herbalist for all heart disease

In Р° liter bottle pour 50g rosemary, 50 g hawthorn flowers and 10 g tricolor violet, then pour in good rakia and leave it closed for about 20 days. Drink 2 spoons a day.

Cardiovascular system diseases and treatment with vegetable juices