White pine is an evergreen tree, tall up to 20 meters. The leaves are needle-like and cones are formed from the female flowers.

For treatment, use the top ends and young buds that are harvested in early spring. They should be dried for over a month, otherwise a non-dried herb has no good effect. It has an aromatic and bitter taste.
In traditional medicine it is used as cough expectorant, against bronchitis, asthma, tracheitis, flu, emphysema and more.
It is used in the form of tea, infusion and syrups.
Pine resin is used for rheumatism, sciatica, neurology pine tar is used to treat skin diseases – scabies, wounds, eczema and psoriasis for coating. For the same goals you can use all kinds of pine.

Galium album
Galium album is a herbaceous perennial plant with a trunk of up to 1 meter high. Its leaves are narrow and lacented, placed in vertebrae. The flowers are white in broom-like umbels, similar to Galium verum.
Gallium album grows in dry and wet areas in the sun, besides roads, abandoned fields.

For medicine, the above-ground part is collected and used as a diuretic in diseases of the urinary organs, diseases of the liver, pancreas, stomach and intestines.
For external use, the fresh plant is used for making a cream against skin diseases and wounds.

Felty germander
White teucrium is a perennial herb tall up to 20 cm, with a pleasant aroma and bitter taste. The whole plant has an ashy white color. It grows in dry places in the form of shrubs.

For medicine, the above-ground part is used to treat inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, diabetes, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, to increase the apetite, improve the metabolism, digestion and the operation of bile.
Just like red teucrium, it has an antibacterial effect, antipyretic and antidematose.