100 grams of lanolin
50 grams wax
50 grams white petroleum jelly
50 ml calendula oil
50 ml rose water

This cream is prepared on steam. The ingredients should melt and mix well. Stir all the time until the mixture starts to thicken and then add the rose water drops. This treatment is especially effective for dry skin type.
Vine contains substances that can remove the dead skin. Blend a vine leaf in a blender and apply the mixture on your face. After 15 -30 minutes wash your face.
The cocoa butter is essential for smooth skin and it’s used in numerous cosmetic products. These products melt on body temperature and can moisturize dry skin, especially under the eyes, on the neck and lips.
Aloe it’s been used in cosmetics for centuries. It is known that Cleopatra used aloe in her everyday beauty routines. The queen Josephine used to mix aloe with milk and applied the mixture as face lotion.
Cleopatra’s cream:

mix 40 grams distilled water and five grams aloe powder (or 15 grams aloe juice), add 20 grams of rose water and a teaspoon of honey. Steam the mixture and add a tablespoon of lanolin or a tablespoon of your favorite cream.

Almond oil is the best ingredient in the world of cosmetics and perfumes. You can use almond oil as a skin moisturizer and anti wrinkle treatment.
Castor oil it’s been used for centuries as face care oil. It is a great moisturizer and it’s a common make up ingredient.
Olive oil is another ingredient that is famous for its skin care properties. Steam your face before applying olive oil for better results.
Old French recipe:

First, clean your skin well using a rose tea (four pinches of rose leaves for one cup). Then, apply poultices soaked in the following liquid:
one liter of water, a pinch of greater celandine (fresh leaf and flower), four pinches of marsh mallow (root, leaf and flower) and two pinches of common mallow.
Once a day apply a face mask prepared of vegetables, fruits or herbs (St John’s wort, pink rose leaves, linden flowers, etc.)
In the days you don’t use face mask, apply a cream made of mugwort and St John’s wort (a spoon of each herb mixed in ¼ fresh yogurt).

Another lotion recipe:

a pinch of opium poppy (poppy leaves)
a pinch of wild rose (rose hip flowers)
a pinch of common mallow (flowers)
1/4 liter of 70% alcohol

When seasons change you should rub your face and treat your wrinkles with the following tea:

a pinch of St John’s wort
wild rose (leaves)
common mallow (flowers)
rose (leaves)
plantain (leaves)
cornflower blue (flowers)

Leave the lotion for twelve hours before using it. When your homemade lotion is done, rub your face with it several times a day.