Wrinkles normally appear as a sign of aging, but their manifestations can be reduced. Many people are proud of their wrinkles and see them as a sign of long and happy life. However, others don’t really like to see their sagging skin in the mirror. If you are concerned about your wrinkles continue reading and see how to naturally reduce wrinkles. Wrinkles appear as a consequence of the change of collagen- a protein which represents the skin fibers. The young skin tissue contains elastic collagenous fibers or soluble collagen, which has the properties to soak moisture and swell. This continuing process of soaking and swelling is responsible for the glowing and soft young skin. However, if the skin is exposed to sun, smoke, gradual aging and the effects of free radicals, oxidative skin damage may happen. This can cause a development of insoluble collagen, which is not elastic, doesn’t soak moisture and doesn’t swell. If the skin loses its elasticity and moisture, creases or wrinkles may appear. They usually appear on the parts of your skin that are always exposed to sun, the face and the neck.
Rosemary is a powerful anti wrinkle herb. You can use it as a spice or prepare a tea of two tablespoons dry rosemary leaves.
Sage is also very effective and can be used as a spice or as a tea in the same ratio as the rosemary.

Carrots are rich in vitamin A (and its deficiency may lead to dry and sagging skin) and also contain beta-Carotene, which is a powerful antioxidant. These substances protect the skin even from cancer and that’s why you should consume carrots every day. You can juice carrots or simply put them in your favorite soup.

Cucumbers are not only useful for treating sunburns but also for preventing wrinkles. Apply thin circles of cucumber on your skin or blend it and make a mask. Leave the mask on your skin for 15 minutes and then wash. Use this treatment on regular basis.

The avocado oil has a very pleasant smell that can make your skin softer and is very useful for dry skin type. Apply the avocado oil directly on your face. In addition, you should try the following recipe for dry skin, but use it only once a week:

Mix a spoon of avocado, a spoon of yogurt, a spoon of clay and three drops of sandalwood oil. Smash the avocado and blend it with the yogurt. Then, blend the clay and the sandalwood oil and mix all ingredients together. You will make a paste that can be used as a mask. Wash your face with warm water and apply the mask on wet skin. After 15 minutes remove the mask with a warm and wet towel. Then wash your face with warm water and apply your favorite face moisturizer.