Beginning from puberty, the breasts should be checked every month, so you can know their build or to find new nodes. Premenstrual difficulties can temporary fattening which goes away after the menstruation, that’s a very good reason to check up on the breasts one week after each menstruation. If you don’t have menstruations, check them every month on a set date.
A Mammogram, detailed x-ray scanning of the breast can reveal tumors in it, as well as those smaller ones that can’t be noticed. It’s said that it’s good to start these regular check ups at the ages of 35-40, others say you should do it before your 50s.


-Pains and a feeling of fullness in one or both of the breasts is most likely premenstrual swelling;
-Pains followed by reddening and warmth or draining of the warts could be signs of an infection, it can also point to breast cancer;
-A node which moves and reacts to touches like you’re not holding your breasts could be a sign that you have cysts or fibroadenom;
-A node which is hard, doesn’t move and on touch reacts to as if you were holding your breasts, regardless of pain, could be a sign of breast cancer.

Consult a doctor: If you notice a new or strange node in your breasts, as long as it remains there for an entire month. Even if the size of the node is not dangerous, in rare situations it is breast cancer or infections.