Even in the smallest signs of clotting and nodes in your breasts you should consult a doctor, and depending on the patient, herb medicine can also be implemented. For this disease, one of hte most used therapies is that of Maria Treben.. In these cases it’s mainly recommended to try marigold balm; the mixed tea for tumors of the breasts as well as internal and external use of the small swedish bitter.

The marigold balm is used externally. The breasts are spread with the balm multiple times a day. If there has been an operation done on the breasts you should rub it whole, even beneath the breasts. For the smoothing of the skin the residue from the balm is used. This can be used 4-5 times, heated up and applied as a compress.

Compresses made with great horsetail are prepared as so: 2 handfuls of great horsetail is put on a sieve with boiling water, from the steam of water in the pot the plant is warmed, it’s put on a cloth and then applied to the breasts. The compress is fixed with hot water on the cloth and is left as long as possible, it’s for the best if you can leave it on for an entire night. The same herb can be used 2-3 times.

Parallel to that, tea is also prepared from 100g of nettle , 300 g marigold and 100 g of yarrow. Make 1 l of tea from 8 soup spoons of the herbs and 2 l of boiling water. When it boils, put the lid on the pot. After 5 minutes of that, drain it and drink 6-8 cups daily. Put 3 spoons of the little swedish bitter in this tea as well. Because the bitter is very hard to make in household circumstances it’s best just to buy it. In half of the cup put one soup spoon of bitter and drink in sips, so that in 3 cups, 3 spoons of bitter are used. Whilst the rest of the tea is drunk during the day.

Compresses can also be made using swedish bitter. Firstly spread a thick coat of marigold balm on the breasts, then put a big piece of cotton, soaked with the bitter. It’s put on the breast, and to keep its heat a dry cotton is put on top, and then a nylon, all of that is fixed into place with hot water and is left for 2-4 hours, or preferably overnight, depending on how much time you can cope with it.

Don’t worry if you’ve had an operation and after the covers secretion is coming out, the breast is cleaning itself!

Marigold balm

On 250 g of salted lard add 2 full hands of sliced marigold flowers, leaves and roots. The mixture is fried for a few minutes on low heat or steamed. After its fried put a lid on it and leave it overnight. Heat it up the next day and mash it on a clean linen cloth. The residue of the herb is drained and used for compresses – the ointment, balm, are put in a glass jar and kept in a fridge.