Science shows that this kind of allergy appears in spring because the human organism is exhausted and also the number of allergens such as flower essences and sun rays is` increased.
Urticaria also known as hives, is manifested with red itchy bumps that appear from nowhere and then disappear, but after a while they appear on some other part of the body. This condition lasts just a couple of hours. However, sometimes hives may manifest in huge swelling on the mouth, eyes, neck or fingers. This allergy is not very serious, but it can be quite uncomfortable. In addition, if the manifestations last more than six weeks you probably have acute urticaria that can last for five years. The only way to heal this allergy is to avoid materials that cause it, but that’s not simple. Alternative medicine recommends using healing herbs and cleansing the organism until the fear of allergy becomes unnecessary. This is based on the fact that the main reason for developing any allergy is the increased level of toxins in the body and the organism must be cleansed. One of the most effective ways of cleansing the urogenital tract is taking a drink made of: a teaspoon of green tea soaked in a glass of hot water and a teaspoon of soy sauce. Drink the mixture at once.
In order to improve your immune system you need to practice a healthy lifestyle and have proper sleep. However, you may help yourself even more if you consider using the following healing herbs:

Mix ground rose hip and red-seeded dandelion and then soak one tablespoon of the mixture in a cup of boiling water. Leave the liquid for a while and then drink it throughout the day. This treatment lasts six months.

Many herbs have healing properties, but the wild raspberry root is the most effective. Take the root in fall and dry it. From the root prepare a liquid and drink 1/3 of your cup three times a day. Also, instead of wild raspberry root you can use broadleaf plantain. Take 10 grams dry plantain leaves and soak them in boiling water. Drink 1/3 of your cup three times a day before eating.

You can also use fresh or dry birch buds and leaves to treat your spring allergy. Use three to four dry birch buds and six to eight grams of dry birch leaves for preparing ½ liter tea. Drink half a cup three to four times a day. Drink horsetail tea, chamomile tea or St John’s wort tea in order to prevent allergies.

Note: in case you develop allergy on any kind of the previous herbs please stop using it.
Another very powerful anti allergy herb is the blackcurrant. You can use it as season fruit or as syrup. A couple of days drink tea made from black currant leaves (three times a day). Additionally, you can make tea from blackcurrant buds as well.
Blackberry is also a very effective anti allergy herb.

Use the fruits and leaves of this small bush and make some tea:
-a pinch of dry leaves for a cup of tea
-five to six handfuls of blackberries in a liter of water for concentrated blackberry tea.

Additionally, you can make a face mask. Simply smash several blackberries and mix them in some yogurt.
More recipes:

-Artichoke leaf tea- four pinches for a cup of tea.
-Nettle leaf and seed tea- four pinches for a cup of tea.
-Blackberry leaf and flower tea- three pinches for a cup of tea.
-Savory herb tea- three pinches for a cup of tea.
– Thyme leaf tea- two pinches for a cup of tea.

In case your allergy develops rashes, the first thing you should do is wash your skin with chamomile tea, then dry the skin with linen towel and apply gauze soaked in flax seed tea. Finally, put some olive oil on your skin. Do not practice any massages and do not rub your skin if you suffer from skin rash. Also, avoid hot baths and showers.