Abscess is a condition when there is accumulation of pus within the skin tissue and it usually causes infections around the infected tissue.
Healing herbs have the ability to speed the abscess maturation and drainage. Alternative medicine uses different herbs, fruits and vegetables in order to speed the healing of this issue.

Make poultices and change them every two to three hours. They can be made out of: fresh onion juice, crumbs soaked in fresh garlic juice, a mixture of fresh healing herbs, chopped sweet scented bed straw leaves, lilac, elderberry, ground carrot, marsh mallow root or wild spinach, chopped olives or shred cabbage. Make sure that the poultices are warm.
As soon as the poultice cools replace the herbs. Repeat the treatment until the infection is healed.

Another effective mixtures:

smashed elderberry leaf with a pinch of salt or vinegar. Boil the leaves of the following herbs and then smash them: thyme, chard, wild dill, lentil, sorrel.

cooked onion in water for 25 minutes.

boiled small mullain flowers in some milk.

boiled halves of common figs in milk.

Flour mash: cook 60 grams of flour in a liter of water until you make a mash. Apply the hot mash on a towel and cover it with another towel and then put it on the affected area.

The healing process- for fast curing of skin crust that usually appears after the abscess discharge, it is essential to change the bandage every day. Apply fresh greater burdock leaf on the abscess or prepare a poultice of wood betony tea that can be prepared in two ways:

Boil 60 grams of dry wood betony root and leaves for 15 minutes in one liter of red wine. Leave the liquid to cool and then stir.

Another way is to boil 50 grams of fresh wood betony leaves for 10 minutes in some water and then apply the liquid on the abscess.