The definition of complexion is appearance of the skin, especially on the face (its natural color, texture and quality). Some people have perfect complexion or glowing and even skin. However, the majority of the people have unhealthy skin tone and different skin imperfections.
Those who suffer from constipation have sallow skin tone and those that have some liver issues have yellow skin tone. People that discharge toxins all the time, have inflamed facial skin. The skin tone is genetic, but the way you live, the diet you practice and the skin hygiene are important factors that may improve the skin appearance.
The skin tone is related to the health condition of your body. If your organism is exhausted you won’t have a glowing skin and healthy look and vice versa. A healthy organism will reflect a healthy and glowing skin. The worst enemies of the skin are: overeating, excessive alcohol consumption, excessive cigarette smoking, not enough sleep, tiredness, anxiety, and excessive sun exposure.
Useful tips and recipes:
First of all, you need to realize what causes your bad skin tone . However, warm baths with red rose are always helpful. Use poultices of red rose tea and drink tea made of the following herbs: a pinch of borage (leaves and flowers), a pinch of strawberries (leaves and flowers), a pinch of rose leaves, a pinch of anise, a pinch of lavender and a pinch of marjoram.
Other recipes:

Wormwood flowers tea (a pinch for one cup)
Burdock tea (whole plant, a pinch for one cup)
Yarrow tea (a pinch for one cup)
Sweet violet leaves tea (two to three pinches for one cup)

If your unhealthy skin tone is due to some liver issues you should bath your hands and legs with the following liquid:
In a liter of water add the following herbs:

a pinch of yarrow,
one chooped onion
a pinch of artichoke leaves
a pinch of chicory ground root
two pinches of rosemary
a pinch of sage flowers

Every morning, soak your hands and at night soak your legs in this liquid.
In case you can’t do the baths, drink tea made of the following herbs:

two pinches of rosemary,
a pinch of rose leaves
two pinches of chamomile
a pinch of yarrow