Everybody dreams of having a beautiful and soft skin and a glowing skin tone like kids do. Children have a very beautiful skin and the reason for that is simple- they live in a hormonal balance and peace. However, in the puberty acne can appear and make their skin less perfect. From that period on, their hormone levels change and because of that the skin tissues change resulting in decreased skin quality. Also, you should know that you can slow down and reduce this process.
In order to take care of your skin first you need to know some basic things about the skin. The human skin has three layers. The bottom layer is called hypodermis and is subcutaneous tissue that consists of fat and connective tissue. The middle layer is called dermis and it’s the most active part of the skin. It has tough connective tissue and contains the sweat glands and hair follicles. Also, in the dermis are placed the mechanoreceptors that control the sense of touch and thermoreceptors responsible for the sense of heat. The outermost layer is called epidermis and it is made of several thin cell layers that carry the pigment and provide skin color. On the surface of the skin the body discharges dead cells ( the skin peels). Washing the skin helps the body get rid of the dead cells and produce new young skin cells. Skin exfoliation is the best way to get rid of the dead skin and also makes your skin softer.
Another skin issue are wrinkles and sagging skin and they appear due to aging or tiredness. What’s more, on some parts of the body you can get stretch marks or scars. Other skin illnesses or issues that can appear are: acne, eczema, psoriasis, mycoses, etc.
Prevention and proper skin hygiene:
Almost every skin illness or infection has a bad influence on the quality of the skin, but the biggest enemies of the skin are impurities, unbalanced and poor diet, overeating and too much suntanning. Overeating can develop toxins in the skin and decrease the important functions of the skin. The results are skin rashes, redness, pale and impure skin.
The hypotoxic diet is one way to avoid all of the former and includes avoiding white bread, canned food, soft drinks, sweats and refined sugar. The majority of the toxins accumulate in the dermis and appear as visible small dots or impurities. Smoking cigarettes has very bad effect on the quality of the skin. People that smoke too much have pale skin, which is sensitive to dermatoses. Excessive exposure to bad weather conditions and sun can thicken the middle layer of the skin, dry the dermis and accelerate the appearance of wrinkles. Remember that the impurities block skin pores and trouble the breathing of the skin, decrease its important functions and quality. Wash your face with warm water, which cleans the skin and then with cold water to make it tougher. When you shower use natural soap because the skin is sensitive to chemical substances and some people may even develop allergies.