This disease is based on a diet and the use of water. The way of treating it is based on using a “total diet”, which lasts for 42 days.
The use of sweets, alcohol, caffeine and tea is prohibited. You shouldn’t eat white bread, fatty soups, fatty foods and products made from white wheat.
It’s required to eat a lot of vegetables, potato salads, whole wheat bread, oat flakes and fruit. It’s recommended to do home cheese therapy, which is taken at night for a long period of time. It’s very important to eat slower and to chew the food very well. Breathe in a lot of fresh air. In this therapy pea peels, illyrian thistle, blackberry leaves, and especially blueberry and clinquefoil leaves are used.
Take all of that together (half a spoon of each herb) and pour hot water and leave for 10 minutes.

Useful for diabetes victims

The onion lowers the sugar levels. Besides the fact that it contains some types of sugar, it’s proved that consuming fresh onions when sugar levels are high normalize the sugar levels.
The reason the onion is effective is because it prevents the creation of platelets, which lowers the chances of clots forming in small blood vessels. It’s antibacterial effects are also famous, as well as its ability to lower sugar levels. It’s recommended to diabetics to use fresh onions, as long as they have a healthy stomach.

Healing diabetes with blueberries
Blueberries for health and strength
Besides the pleasant taste of its juice, the blueberry contains vitamin C, sugar, acids, minerals, pectin, and a large amount of iron. Besides the fruit, the blueberry leaf is used just as much. It’s recommended to diabetics, but they are most potent when fresh.

Fresh or dried blueberry fruits, from which tea is made, help with diarrhea. The same tea helps with bleeding as well.
Blueberry wine is recommended for colon diseases, it also helps with all diseases in the intestines and stomach which are chronic, difficulties with the metabolism and general weakness, and all diseases that are consequential from these. The alcohol, which is part of this wine, impacts the development of viruses and bacteria, which caused the disease, but doesn’t harm the intestinal flora.

Fresh blueberry juice has to be properly sterilized and preserved, because that’s the only way it can be used by healthy and diseased people alike. Because it’s nonalcoholic and with a pleasant taste, it’s very useful for the health and the strengthening of the immune system for adults and children alike. Blueberry juice is recommended to gargle with when the threat is inflamed. Also when drinking blueberry juice, it’s useful to keep it in the mouth for a bit to prevent white spots from creating on the tongue, which often occurs to smokers. Blueberry leaves are used in preparing blueberry tea which is recommended for diabetics.

The leaves should be picked before the fruit ripens, because then the leaf retains its properties.
It’s clinically proved that the blueberry leaves lower the amount of sugar and can completely stop it at times. This is why it has the nickname “insulin plant”. But because of these properties patients that take blueberry tea have to observed by a doctor, which constantly measures the sugar levels.
Preparation: Take 1 full spoon of dried and sliced blueberry leaves and pour one pot of boiling water. After 10 minutes drain and drink without sugar. Drink 2-3 cups during the day, but always either one hour before meals or after them.