This gland has a special role in the organism and because of that you have to take care of it.
One of the reasons for thyroid illness could be psychic trauma or stress. In the beginning phases increased irritability is observed, common anxiety, lessened work ability, increased pulse and sweating. Inheritance, a lack of microelements and radiation could also be this disease. In some diseases which cause excessive hormone secretion also leads to an increase of thyroid.
Trough hormones that are produced, the thyroid affects almost all metabolic processes in the organism. The diseases can range from non threatening to life threatening. The most common pain with the thyroid is the incorrect production of its hormones. Excessive production of it can lead to hyperthyreosis. Lack of it can lead to hypothyroidism. Although the consequences are unpleasant, most thyroid diseases are harmless if treated in time. So, if you feel any symptoms, consult a doctor.
Hyperthyreosis :

– Loss of body weight and loss of appetite;
– Increased pulse, high blood pressure, increased nervousness, excessive sweating;
– frequent bowel movements, sometimes diarrhea;
– Muscle weakness, shaking of the hands;
– Goiter development.

Hypothyroidism :

– clumsiness, slow thinking
– slowed heart-rate;
– increased feeling of coldness;
– Pins and needles in the fingers or losing the feeling of the hands;
– Goiter development.

Subacute tireoditis :

– Soft to sharp pains in the thyroid;
– Sensitivity of the thyroid on touch:
– Pains when swallowing or turning the head:
– The appearance of these symptoms come directly after a virus infection, for example after a flu, mumps or rash.