If you have symptoms tied to Graves’ disease, consult a doctor, take the prescribed medicine, but only with his permission attempt herb therapy and don’t give up on the self treatment.
Melissa – in europe it’s often recommended for Graves’ disease treatment along with the gypsyweed. Research has shown that the melissa causes the decrease of TSH levels in the blood and pituitary with just one injection, which means the decreasement of the thyroid hormone secretion.
Tea for Graves’ disease :

To make a delicious tea made from a mixture of medical herbs, mix 2 spoons of melissa with 1 spoon of gypsyweed – wild mint, then add the other types of mint (all types of mint are good for the gland), rosemary and verbena for taste. Regularly consume this tea since its effective.


It’s been proved that it’s extracts decrease the thyroid hormone secretion, affecting the TSH levels in the organism.

Brussels sprouts contain substances called Isothiocyanates, which help stop glands that secrete too many hormones.

it stops the thyroid glands from secreting in a sweet and natural way. Other vegetables that do this are Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale and carrots.

Pepper :

1 grain of dark pepper a morning before meals, each day is a folk treatment to make the thyroid function normally. It can also be used in both types of thyroidism.