Exfoliation of the facial skin is recommended at least once a months, but the best is to be done once a week. This process removes the dead skin cells on the skin surface and makes space for the development of new cells. Actually, it regenerates the epithelium. On the market there are various different products for exfoliating, which are used in the same way (rub your skin avoiding the sensitive skin under the eyes and then wash your face).
However, you can prepare your own mixture using only natural ingredients:

150 gr corn brands
1.5 dL apple cider vinegar
10.5 dL of water.
Instructions: soak the corn brands in the cider vinegar (previously diluted with the water)
Use: clean your face and then rub it with the prepared paste. After that wash your face with warm water.

Other recipes for natural exfoliating paste

• Ingredients:
100 gr corn flour
One egg white
Mix the egg white and then add the corn flour and make a smooth mixture.
Use: on clean face rub the paste using a bath towel and then wash your skin with cold water. In this way you will remove the dead skin cells and regenerate your skin.

• Ingredients:
Two to three tsp of yogurt
Вј yeast
Instructions: Mix the yogurt and the yeast until you make a paste.
Use: apply the paste on clean face and wait until it dries. Then, gently rub the skin and wash your face with warm water.

• Ingredients:
Вј of small yeast package
a dash of water
a bit of wheat grits
Instructions: apply the paste on clean face. When the paste is dry gently rub your face and then wash it with warm water.