Acne treatment

• Ingredients: 1dL of watermelon juice and 1 dL fresh cucumber juice
Instructions: juice the watermelon and the cucumber and mix the juices. Then, pour the mixture in a bottle, close the bottle and keep it in the fridge.
Use: this mild lotion can treat acne. Apply the lotion every morning and every night on clean face. Men who have sensitive skin can use this lotion as after shave as well.

• Ingredients: 0.5 dL watermelon juice, 0.5 dL fresh cucumber juice and 1.5 dL of 70% alcohol.
Ingredients: juice the watermelon and the cucumber and mixed the juices. Then, add the alcohol and pour the mixture in a small bottle and keep it in the fridge.
Use: apply the lotion every night and every morning on clean face. This lotion can treat pimples and acne.

• Ingredients: 25 gr burdock root and 3 dL of cold water.
Instructions: in the first spring days dig a young burdock root. Clean it well and leave it dry exposed on sun. Cut the dry burdock root on circles and boil them in the water. Then, strain the liquid and keep the lotion on dark place.
Use: wash your face with natural sulphur soap. Leave the foam on your face for at least two minutes and then wash with cold water. Then, apply the lotion on your skin.

• Ingredients: 200 gr fresh cabbage and 5 dL of cold water
Instructions: soak the fresh cabbage leaves in cold water for several minutes and then wash them. In ВЅ l of salty water boil the leaves for two hours. After they cool down, use the leaves for facial mask and the liquid as a lotion.
Use: soak a piece of gauze in the liquid and use the gauze to massage the affected skin. Then, wash your face with sulphur soap and warm water. Dry your face with a clean towel.

•Ingredients: 25 grams of dry birch leaves, ¼ l of water and 1 dL of 70% alcohol.
Instructions: in the water add the birch leaves and boil the water until half of it evaporates. Leave the tea cool down and then add the alcohol. Keep the lotion in the fridge.
Use: you can use this lotion to treat acne or man can use it as after shave lotion. Apply on clean face every morning and every night.

• Ingredients: 30 gr of chamomile, 30 gr of birch leaves and 0.5 l of water. Boil the mixture and after it cools down keep it in the fridge. For best results use it fresh.
Use: wash your face with this tea every day and very night for 15 days and the results will be amazing. You will get rid of the irritating acne.

• Ingredients: 200 gr of green sour apples, 100 gr of apples’ skin, 100 gr sugar and 1 liter of water.
Instructions: chop the apples’ skin and the apples and add the sugar. Mix the ingredients and add the mixture in the water and boil. Pour the lotion in a jar, close it and expose the jar on sun for seven days. After seven days, your cosmetic apple vinegar will be ready to use.

Use: this lotion is effective in treating acne and pimples, but it is also useful in treating large pores and blackheads. Several times a day massage your face with gauze soaked in this lotion. In short time your skin will be revitalized and more beautiful.