Besides the medicine the doctor recommended for you, you might dabble into other means of healing. Herbs that are recommended by modern phytotherapy are melissa and the verbena. It sounds weird but these herbs are also used for hyperthyreosis, here are some other methods of healing:

contains sour substances which normalize the function of the thyroid glands. A mix of gentian and hot peppers are a good combo for hypothyroidism.
Black radish, radish – For years it’s been used in russia to treat both types of thyroidisms. Russian researchers have discovered that raphanin, a chemical which is found in radish, keeps the thyroid production in balance. Good amounts of raphanin in the blood allow for normal treatment of the thyroid hormones.


in the turkish folk medicine walnuts are used as medicine for different gland problems, including problems with the thyroid glands. In one research fresh juice from green walnuts doubled the thyroxine levels. Cooked walnut juice, meaning that the walnuts were cooked for approximately 20 minutes, made the thyroxine levels rise to above 30% of its normal level. You can eat a lot of walnuts, or you can use walnut oil as an aromatic addition to salads. Although the green peels have better effect, even if they have a worse taste.


A type of mint, but not without the smell. A straight root, up to 80 cm in height, four-pointed. It’s flowers are compiled in пазувести привидни пршлени во основа на листовите. It grows in wet areas, besides rivers and streams. It’s used for tachycardia and increased functions of the thyroid gland, and for hypertension.
Tea: 2 g of dried and pressed gypsyweed are poured over with 100 ml hot water and leave for 10 minutes, sealed. Drain, and drink 2 cups per day.


The bees love it, it also helps people, especially the nervous ones. It’s highly recommended to have it in your garden or home pharmacy. For women it’s beneficial in all phases of life, especially when pregnant – it eliminates morning difficulties. It’s famous for curing headaches and migraines, especially if they’re nerve induced. For strengthening of the nerves, you should drink a tea made melissa, the treatment is recommended to last for a longer period of time.
Tea: Take 1 soup spoon and pour 250 ml of boiling water and leave for a short period of time. Drink 2-3 cups a day.
If you experience insomnia, drink 1 cup before bed with equal parts valerian and hops. It’s easily identified because of its pleasant lemony smell. Use leaves that have been picked before blossoming.