• Ingredients: nettle
Instructions: the nettle tea enlarges the blood vessels on the head and stimulates hair growth. Massage your scalp with this tea after you washed your hair and then rinse your hair with it.

• Ingredients: 25 gr of nettle, 25 gr of sage, 25 gr burdock root and three liters of water.
Instructions: use dried herbs. Boil them and after one hour strain the tea. Wash your hair once a week with the tea. Then wash your hair with some herbal shampoo. You will notice the results in a few weeks.

• Ingredients: 10 gr of nettle, 0.5 liter of apple cider vinegar and a liter of water.
Instructions: mix the nettles the water and the vinegar and boil 30 minutes. Remove from heat and wait until the tea cools down. Pour the liquid in a bottle and keep in a dark and cold place.

Every night massage your scalp with the liquid.

• Ingredients: 100 gr of nettle root, one liter of rakia or 70% alcohol and a few drops of castor oil.
Instructions: soak the nettle root in the rakia for seven days. Then, strain the liquid and add the castor oil. Massage your scalp with the liquid every day.

Ingredients: two egg yolks, a spoon of rum, a spoon of castor oil and lemon juice (squeeze half lemon).
Instructions: beat the egg yolk and add the rum and the castor oil. Mix well the ingredients. Apply the mixture on your scalp and then cover your head with a towel. Leave the mixture for five hours. Then, first wash your hair with a mixture of water and one egg yolk and then wash your hair with a mixture of water and lemon juice.

• Instructions: 20 gr of burdock leaves, 20 gr of chamomile and 0.5 liter of boiling water.

Instructions: soak the dried herbs in the water and after 2 hours strain the liquid. Apply this liquid on your scalp every second day.

• Ingredients: three spoons of the following herbs: nettle root, sage, walnuts, burdock, ivy leaves and 7 dl of rakia.
Instructions: put the dried herbs in a jar and soak them in the rakia for 20 days. Then, strain the liquid and keep it in a dark place. Apply the liquid on your hair three times a day for a month.

Get rid of dandruff

• Ingredients: 10 gr of celery root and a liter of water.
Instructions: chop the celery root and boil it for five minutes. Then, leave the liquid cool down and strain. Wash your hair with the liquid once a day.

• Ingredients: 15 gr of lavender, 25 gr of chamomile, lemon juice (one squeezed lemon) and three deciliters of water.
Instructions: boil the herbs in the water. After the tea cools down, strain and add the lemon juice. Add the lotion in the water when you wash your hair.

• Ingredients: 20 gr of nettle leaves, 20 gr of willow bark and 0.5 liter of water.
Instructions: soak the herbs in the boiling water. Wait until the liquid cools down and then strain. Wash your hair and then massage it with this lotion.

• Ingredients: one onion and one deciliter of 50% alcohol.
Instructions: clean the onion and then chop it and add the alcohol. After five weeks, strain the liquid and pour it in a bottle. Massage your scalp with the liquid every day. You will get rid of the dandruff.