From blue juniper

Preparation: In a pot put 750 ml of water and 1 spoon of grounded juniper, boil until there’s only enough for 2 cups. Then drain.
Drink one in the morning or afternoon and the other one before bed.

From juniper

Preparation: One coffee cup of tea is poured into 1 l of wine. Seal the bottle and leave it for 3 weeks, be sure to beat it every day.
The drained wine has a soothing effect on the stomach and kidneys.
Drink 1 small glass of wine of it per day.

Juniper oil

Preparation: Take a whole, ripe fruit from the blue juniper, se pasira vo centrifuga, because it doesn’t release its liquid easily. The juniper oil is an efficient cure for kidney aches, as well as the entire urinary system.
It’s used in very small doses: 3-8 drops on a sugar cube, repeat 2-3 times a day.


To prevent rocks or sand from forming in the kidneys or the bladder, thistle tea is a very effective substance. It also helps when the disease already exists.
Preparation: It’s prepared like any normal tea. A spoon of sliced thistle root is added to a coffee cup of hot water. When the sealed container cools, drain, and drink 3-4 times a day.


Parsley tea is used against pains and diseases in the bladder or kidneys,
Preparation: In a container that has 1 l of water put 1 small bundle of parsley. Once you seal the container boil for 10 minutes, then once it cool drain it.drink 4-5 times daily, until the pain eases.
The tea can also be made using dried parsley roots.
Preparation: One soup spoon of diced parsley roots is carefully put into 1 l of water and boiled for 15 minutes. When it cools drain it. Take 1-2 spoons of it 4 times a day. This tea can also be used for the prostate.


This tea helps when the urinary organs are irritated or inflamed, it’s especially effective for the bladder.
Preparation: Approximately 50 g of linseed is put into a container and 1 l of hot water is poured over it. Leave the container sealed for around 10 minutes, then drain the tea and add a bit of sugar. Take 3-4 cups of it a day. For more serious cases take it every 2 hours, also warm it up a bit before consuming.