For who suffer from insomnia: Never go to bed after meals


Hops are recommended for: irritability, headache, insomnia, nervous stomach and Neuron (inflamed nerves).
In chinese medicine hops are used for warm covers and for pillows.
Hops tea eases headaches, nervousness, insomnia and general nervous states.
Preparation: After boiling the tea it should be left for 5 minutes, then drained. Take 1 small cup of it 3-4 times a day. If the headache is severe take the tea every 2 hours. Because the tea is bitter mix it with honey.


It contains camphor, volatile oil and resin. As a tea, it has a wholesome effect on the nerves, it helps insomniacs and eases mental strain.
Preparation: Take 1 spoon of sliced up rosemary leaves and put it into a coffee cup of hot water, which is drained after 5 minutes.


Against anemia you should drink around 3 coffee cups of nettle tea a day.
To make 1 coffee cup, take 1 small spoon of nettle and pour 125 ml of hot water on it and leave for 10 minutes. Then eat the nettle as well. Prepare like spinach. Spring nettle is the best.

Recipe for refreshing the blood

It’s recommended in cases of anemia.
Preparation: Put 81 dried pears in sweet red wine. Make the wine so that the pears are covered. Leave for 10 days in a warm place.
Begin the treatment in the following way: On the first day eat 1 pear in the morning. Day 2, eat one in the morning and at night. Day 3, eat one in the morning, afternoon and night. Day 4, 2 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon and night. Day 5, 2 in the morning and afternoon and 1 at night. Day 6, 2 in the morning, afternoon and night. Day 8 3 in the morning and afternoon, 2 at night. Day 9 3 in the morning, afternoon and night. From the 10th day eat one less pear. So the 10th day is like the 8th etc. Don’t drink the wine