These plants are used as vegetables, spices and for medicinal teas. They contain potassium oxalate and due to that they’re naturally sour and refreshing.
The tea from curly dock roots is a wholesome tea when constipated, it’s not a laxative, but a substance that normalizes the bowel activities.
Curvy dock roots shouldn’t be cooked!

Preparation: Take 1 sliced curvy dock root and pour a coffee cup of hot water, after half an hour it’s drained. One coffee cup of the tea is taken 3-4 times a day. More can be drunk if needed, besides the tea, for breakfast either eat one cooked apple or a coffee cup of cooked dry plums

Oak bark

White oak is the best. It’s bark is rich with tannin, good for tonics, and for antiseptics. The bark deals well with diarrhea and dysentery as well. Young and smooth bark is normally used from young trees, it’s gathered before the tree has blossomed.

Preparation: In a container with 1 l of water put a soup spoon of sliced, dried bark, then boil until the amount of liquid cuts in half, then drain. Drink 1 cup of it 2 times a day, until you feel an improvement.

White oak bark is recommended in cases of hemorrhoids that bleed.

Preparation: Approximately 200 g of oak bark is put into a container with 5 l of water, boil on low heat for 30 minutes, then drain. Then put into a tub with cold water. This bath leads to relief from the hemorrhoids


It’s recommended to clean your anus with apple vinegar. That allergy comes from drinking fresh on conserved lemon, orange juices and similar. Pure or diluted apple vinegar can be used.
First the sensitive area (anus) is washed just with water (without soap), and then it’s washed with vinegar or a cloth with vinegar.
The treatment is done 1-2 times a day.


The root,leaves and bark have estrogenic properties, i.e. an ability to collect because of the presence of tannin.
The chinese have used blackberry roots as cures for diarrhea and dysentery for ages.

The blackberry root has to be cooked to get a good extract. For diarrhea 2 soup spoons of sliced rot is put into a container with 2 l of water, boil on low heat until only 1/3rd of the liquid remains. When it cools, drain it. Take it every 2-3 hours in a smaller cup, until you notice an improvement.