In case of an inflamed stomach, when the biggest pains come up, which are before meals, drink one cup of water, which has been boiled 5-7 times (boil, cool, boil again, cool etc.). Immediately after drinking the water you have to burp multiple times. Regardless it’s good to use a spoon of wormwood, which is put into hot water for only 3 seconds then it’ boiled and cooled, then just drink it.

To decrease the pains in the stomach, and to stabilize it use wormwood oil.

Preparation: Take 30 g of wormwood flowers or leaves and pour 60 ml of pure alcohol, leave for 24 hours, and then pour 1 l of fine white wine. Leave for 10 days and shake and drain often. Drink 1 spoon before meals 3 times a day, upmost to 3 weeks, and then take a 3 week break from it.

Against stomach catarrh, use basil along with the flower. Do the same for intestine catarrhs, in cases of cramps, poisoning, vomiting, inflation, constipation.
Prepare like the other teas.


This disease is connected with the stomach diseases. Use wormwood for this disease as well, which is prepared in the the way stated ahead, drink in sips, best off doing it every hour.