Dried vine leaves 100g and rakia 500g.Pour the dried leaves in the rakia, leave 8 days, shake the bottle often. Take one tablespoon tincture before meals 5 times a day.

Strengthening the stomach

Blackberry fruit 50 g, yellow sugar 250g and 1 liter rakia. Let stand in the sun for 6 weeks. Drink 2 cups a day to strengthen the stomach.

For the treatment of hepatitis

5 grams hazel leaves or 1 tablespoon and a little bit white wine. The leaves are covered with the white wine to soften. The next morning strain and drink before meals. The drug is prepared every night and drank for 12 days.

-Against bladder stones

2 tablespoon seeds from a wild cherry and one deciliter 96% alcohol. Cracked seeds are poured in the alcohol, close tightly and leave for 10 days, strain and drink 5-10 drops daily dissolved in a little water.

Treatment of asthma

50g juniper berries, 1 liter of white wine and lemon peel. Crush the berries and put them in the wine along with the lemon peel. Let it sit for 15 days occasionally mix. Drink a cup of wine several times.

Strengthening the heart and soothing the nerves

Starflower herb leaves 1 spoon and a cup of white wine. Pour the leaves in the wine and let sit 10 days. Strain and drink 2 times a day. A greater amount can be made if you need it for treatment.

Rheumatism, nervousness

50 g. lavender and 1 liter grape rakia. Let stand for 10 days. Strain and rub on the rheumatic places. In nervousness drink 1 to 2 cups a day.

Cramps, headache, irritation of the stomach, insomnia

50 g lemon balm, 5g cinnamon, 15 g lemon peel, 10 g garden angelica, 10 grams carnation, 15g nutmeg and 1 liter grape rakia. All ingredients are put in the rakia, close tightly and let stand for 15 days. Drink one tablespoon dissolved in 1/2 cup water.