Syrup against Influenza

Juice of 2 lemons squeezed mixed with one tablespoon cold-pressed olive oil, a teaspoon of grape syrup (jelly) or a teaspoon of honey and juice 2 cloves garlic. This syrup drink once a day, in the morning under fasting conditions.

Drops against Sinuses

It makes a mixture of 20 grams of honey, 20 ml olive oil and 20 ml brandy. The resulting mixture is placed in a vial and put it in 6-7 drops in the nose, in the morning and evening.

Folk Recipe to helping in moving sand and kidney stones

In a glass bowl placed 500 grams of honey, 250 milliliters of lemon juice and 250 ml olive oil. The ingredients mix well with a wooden spoon, until a uniform mixture. From this mixture take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day, 2 hours after a meal.

Salve for gangrenous tissue

It makes a mixture of 50 grams of carob honey, 10 ml fish oil and 30 ml of cold pressed olive oil. The resulting grease mix well, so it was put 10 drops of 20% solution of propolis, and stir well again. Grease stir before each use. This grease is applied hygiene (with gloves) three times a day, and are bent from the top with sterile gauze.

Treatments for hard and cracked heels

If you have a hard and cracked heels every night after thoroughly washing the feet moisten with half a lemon, then olive oil. Bind cotton socks and leave treatment act until morning. Repeat the treatment until healed heels.