This condition happens because of permanent damage on the veins as a result of venous thrombosis followed with inflammation.

• Melt some lard and add 100 gr of ground calendula flowers, 100 gr of ground horse-walnuts, 50 gr of ground plantain leaves. Boil the ingredients until the liquid becomes yellowish. Then, remove it from heat and after it cools down strain the liquid. Pour it in a glass bottle and keep it in the fridge. Apply a thin layer of the ointment on the affected area. Do this treatment twice a day, for two to three weeks.

Mix the following ingredients:

agrimony-50 gr
dandelion roots-60 gr
mountain germander-30 gr
vine sprouts-50 gr
summer savory-40 gr
knotgrass roots-40 gr
blackberry leaves-40 gr

Mix the herbs. Soak two tablespoons of the mixture in 600 ml of boiling water. Boil the mixture for five minutes. After one hour strain the liquid. Drink a cup of the liquid before eating, three times a day for four weeks.
Ingredients :

mint leaves-40 gr
bearberry leaves-60 gr
lemon balm leaves-40 gr
nettle leaves-60 gr
horse-chestnut flowers-60 gr
smooth rupturewort- 40 gr
sweet flag root-30 gr

Mix the herbs. Soak two tablespoons of the mixture in ВЅ liter of boiling water for one hour. Then, strain the liquid and drink 100 ml of it before eating three times a day. Do this treatment for four weeks.