This condition is an inflammation of the main veins caused by a blood clot or also called thrombus. It usually appears in the lower part of the legs.
Homemade treatments
Make a warm bath with the following herbs:

horsetail-60 gr
walnut leaves-60 gr
calendula flowers-60 gr
coltsfoot leaves-40 gr
smoketree leaves-40 gr
sweet clover -40 gr
smooth rupturewort-40 gr
Mix the herbs. Take four spoons of the mixture and soak them in five liters of water. Boil the mixture until half of the water evaporates and then strain. Add the liquid in a warm tub and have a relaxing bath for 15 minutes.

Practice warm baths every night before sleeping and then apply ointments made of the following herbs:

vervain-40 gr
bearberry leaves-50 gr
restharrow root-80 gr
nettle leaves-60 gr
horse-chestnut-80 gr
birch leaves-60 gr
plantain-50 gr
Mix all the herbs. Soak two spoons of the mixture in 500 ml of boiling water for one hour. Then, strain the liquid and drink a cup of before eating three times a day.

Make poultices of boiled leek and fresh chopped potatoes. Apply the poultices on your affected areas and leave them for 24 hours. Do the treatment for three to five days. Every day apply new fresh poultices. If you have no positive results of the poultices stop using them. Moreover, you can make poultices of fresh coltsfoot leaves soaked in fresh milk. Soak the leaves in the milk during one night and in the morning apply the leaves on the affected area. Do the treatment for one week.