The most widely used herb in the mediterranean is the basil, in france they perfer the rosemary and thyme, which besides the good smell and taste contain protective antioxidants which prevent the occurrence of cancer. Try and imitate them mediterraneans!
Rosemary – according to studies it’s known that the rosemary is ideal for preventing the spreading of a tumor in the mammary.
Blue spruce berries have been used for the longest time to clean the system and for healing. It’s thought that the smell helps the healing process. Wine, rakia and tea from the blue spruce is a good investment for your health!
Garlic – a famous ingredient from the mediterranean kitchen, it contains a lot of compounds that are good for the health and which prevent the occurrence of cancer.
Mushrooms: rich with compounds which can prevent cancer. Healthy, delicious, they can can be consumed and they can also become a hobby! If they’re “infected” with fungus, that’s a good sign for your health.You’re often in nature anyways and this is a chance to pick your own healthy food. Read up firstly before you do this thought.
Fatty acids – besides olive oil there’s a lot of different foods rich with essential fatty acids available in the mediterranean. Such as olives, oily fish, avocados, walnut, walnut oils, chick peas among others.
Olive oil – include olive oil in your diets! It’s true that it’s expensive, but it’s well worth it be assured.
Goat cheese: irreplaceable in the 21st century!

Balm for health – for the sickly and the healthy!
Brilliant, and well worth a try: First slice an apple, 2 carrots, 1 lemon and 1 red grapefruit. Then put it in a blender and cover with water. If you don’t have a blender. Have some will and perseverance, grate and squeeze them manually!