Cancer prevention methods are very wise and are used to prevent other diseases as well. They are the following:
– More fruits and vegetables, less fats and red meat;
– More whole grains, less processed sugar;
– More natural colored foods, less artificial colors;
– More spicy herbs, less artificial flavor;
– More natural diets, less processed foods;
– More substances similar to estrogen from plants; less synthetic hormones;
– More fruit and vegetables, less alcohol;
– More fresh air, less polluted air full of smoke;
– More peace, less stress;
– More exercise, less TV;
– More green surfaces, less asphalt;
– More environmentally friendly gardens, less pesticides;
– More herbal sources, fewer tablets ..

Mediterranean diet – Shield against cancer

The mediterranean kitchens uses seafood in abundance, garlic, herbs and olive oil, and little meat and if there is meat it’s either lamb or chicken. Rich salads represent a big part of their diet. These foods are rich with phyto-nutrients, phytochemicals, essential fatty acids and fibers that lower the risk of breast cancer and other types of cancer in the women’s organs.