• Ingredients: 50 grams of hellebore root and 50 grams of marsh mallow root.
Instructions: boil the hellebore root in 250 ml of water. Soak the mallow root in 150 ml of cold water for three hours. Then, mix them and use the mixture to rub the affected area three times a day.

• Ingredients: 50 gr of white false helleborine, 250 ml of vinegar and 250 ml of water.
Instructions: boil the herbs in the water and vinegar until half of the liquid evaporates. Apply the liquid on the affected area every morning and every night.

Partial hair loss (alopecia areata) treatments

• Ingredients: 50 gr of valerian root, 50 gr of horsetail, 50 gr of agrimony, 50 grams of lavender flowers and 100 gr of nettle root.
Instructions: boil the herbs in 500 ml of water for five minutes. Drink 100 ml of the liquid four times a day before eating. At night wash your head with a liquid made of the following herbs: 80 gr of agrimony, 50 gr of hellebore, 50 gr of chamomile and 40 gr of smoketree leaves. Boil the herbs in a liter of water for ten minutes.

Moreover, you can prepare an ointment and apply it on your head four hours before washing it. You will need: 50 gr of castor oil, one egg yolk, 20 ml of cognac and 2 gr of quinine. In addition, you should take vitamin A and vitamin B complex.


Warm treatments should be applied before washing your hair and are useful for dry and brittle hair. The base product in the hair treatments is the herbal oil, which is combined with different ingredients suitable for particular hair type. Apply the treatment on the scalp and on your hair and then cover your head with aluminium or plastic foil and a wet and warm towel over it. When the towel cools down, you should wet it with warm water again and put it over the foil. Leave the treatment on your hair for 30 minutes. Instead of herbal oil you can use almond oil mixed with a few drops of chamomile or rosemary oil.