When women would only use roses for their face care, carrots for their stomach and ivy for their body they would be able to experience true beauty. Healing herbs are very useful for skin care. With their healing properties they can treat your skin and regenerate it. You can drink herbal tea or juice, use herbal extracts in warm baths, prepare poultices or lotions.
Useful tips for every skin type:

Drink a lot of fruit juices made of different ingredients such as apples, lemons, beatroots, carrots, parsley. Drink as much juice as you can. You can apply fruit juice on your skin as well.

Cleopatra is known for her honey and almond oil baths. You can also add these ingredients in your bath and at the same time drink tea made of barley (four pinches for one cup). After the bath massage your skin with rose vinegar, follow the recipe: in a liter of wine vinegar add ten handfuls of red roses and leave them to soak for one week. You can also make lavender, orange or pepermint vinegar (follow the same recipe and ratio and only change the herb).

If you feel that your skin is a bit flabby make a revitalizing bath with this mixture: in a liter of water add two pinches of mint leaves, a pinch of rosemary, two pinches of sage leaves and flowers and a pinch of thyme.

After the bath massage your skin with a homemade lotion. Here is the recipe: in ВЅ of 70% alcohol add two pinches of white rose leaves and calendula flowers and leave the mixture soak for 12 hours.

Men can prepare a lotion of ВЅ liter of water, one lemon and three pinches of vervain flowers. After 12 hours strain the liquid and use it.

The blackcurrant juice is excellent for the skin. Drink fresh blackcurrant juice for smooth and glowing skin.

At the same time, twice a day practice poultices soaked in the following liquid: in a liter of water add ten pinches of roses, thyme, and mallow flowers. Leave the mixture soak over night.

What’s more, every morning and every night drink a cup of tea made of two pinches of anise, two pinches of basil leaves, two pinches of sage and two pinches of linden flowers.

Additionally, blood cleansing herbs are also very useful. Such herbs are: wormwood, rose flowers, sage and calendula. Prepare a tea of any of these herbs, but make sure you use two to three pinches for one cup of tea.