Women dream about beautiful and glowing face! The queen of the cosmetic industry Helena Rubinstein once said that every woman who takes care of herself is a beautiful woman.
Face care includes cleaning your face every morning and every night, using protection cream and profound cleaning of the skin if you wear make up. Although, ladies adore expensive cosmetic products, herbs are also effective in skin care. Cereals, herbs, fruits, vegetables, olive oil and soured milk are very effective when it comes to skin care. Nowadays, organic natural cosmetic is very popular and in order to follow the trend we will give you several useful all natural recipes. They are simple and you can prepare it at home.
Remember that a very important thing when it comes to homemade cosmetic treatments is facial steaming. In order to prepare a homemade cosmetic you will need: essential oils, green clay for dry skin, white clay for normal and oily skin, beeswax, lanolin, cocoa butter, distilled water and rose water. Also, you will need a few jars in which you will keep your homemade products. You will need sterile small bottles of 30 ml (for tonic and oil) , sterile jars of 30 and 100 ml (for cream and exfoliation paste). If the recipes that include some products that are available only in pharmacies seem complicated to you, then make those that are made of fresh products that you can buy at the market or in the nearest supermarket.
Facial steaming for dry and irritated skin

Ingredients: 0,5 L of water, 20 gr chamomile (or you can use calendula flower or mallow flower).
Instructions: when the water boils add the herb and leave it to soak.
Use: bend your head over the bowl full of tea and cover your head with a towel. The steam will go straight to your face. Steam your face for ten to fifteen minutes.
Note: instead facial steaming you can practice warm poultices. In ВЅ l of boiling water add 20 gr of chamomile tea and leave it soak for ten minutes. Then soak a clean towel or gauze in the chamomile tea and then apply it on your face. Leave the poultice on your face until it cools down.

Facial steaming for oily and impure skin

Ingredients: 20 gr of sage, 20 gr of chamomile, 20 gr rosemary, 20 gr frankincense and 0.5 l of water.
Boil the water and then add the herbs. The steaming protocol is the same.