• Ingredients: 25 gr of fresh parsley leaves, 3 dL of carbonated water and 2 dL of still water.
Instructions: boil the parsley in the water, wait until it cools down and strain the liquid. Mix the liquid in which you boiled the parsley with the carbonated water.
Use: every morning wash your face with the lotion for 15 days. At night gently massage your face with the lotion. Freckles will fade and with regular treatment they can completely disappear.

• Ingredients: 30 gr of black radish and 2 dL of yogurt.
Instructions: grind the fresh radish and mix it with the yogurt.
Use: apply the mixture on a piece of gauze and put the gauze on the freckles. Keep the poultice for 30 minutes and then wash your face with glycerin soap. Repeat the treatment once a week in a period of one month.

Face swelling treatment

Ingredients: 25 gr of dry blueberry leaves, 25 gr of dry blueberries and 4 dL of olive oil.
Instructions: chop the blueberry leaves and fruits and mix them with the olive oil. Leave the mixture soak seven days and then keep the oil in a dark place.
Use: wash your face and apply the healing oil on the swelling. The homemade oil is effective against all kinds of swellings.

• Ingredients: 30 gr of fresh calendula and 3 dL of boiling water.
Instructions: soak the herb in the water and after it cools down, strain the liquid.
Use: apply mild poultices on the swelling.