0.3 fresh blueberry juice
3 gr borax
1 dL boiling water
Instructions: in the boiling water add the blueberry juice and borax. Mix the mixture well and store it on dark place.
Use: apply the lotion on your face three times a day. Leave it on your face for some time and then wash your face with warm water and glycerin soap.


use water in which you previously boiled potatoes.
Use: leave the water cool down and use it to wash your face three times a day. This water can treat acne on face and body.


30 gr of eyebright leaves
3 dL boiling water
Instructions: soak the herb in the boiling water for two hours and then strain the liquid.
Use: apply the lotion before sleeping. The result will be noticeable in short time.


20 gr dandelion leaves
0.5 corn oil or olive oil
Instructions: soak the dandelion leaves in the oil and expose the mixture on sun for seven days.
Use: it is very efficient in treating facial redness. Apply the dandelion leaves on the affected skin and hold them for ten minutes. Repeat the treatment several times a day. You will notice the results in one week.


25 gr young fresh dandelion
Вј l of later
Instruction: in the beginning of spring collect young dandelion leaves. Boil the leaves until the half of the water evaporates. Leave the liquid cool down and then strain.
Use: apply the lotion on your face as much as you can for as long as you can. Afterwards wash your face with tepid water. Treats facial redness very efficiently.