Wine, ivy and southernwood

Use: To make the ejection of the kidney or bladder rocks easier it’s recommended to consume a tincture of white wine with ivy, southernwood and olive oil.
Preparation: In 1 l of strong white wine put 3 big spoons of ivy and southernwood, and then leave for 2-5 hours. Then drain the wine and add 400 ml of olive oil. Drink a glass of wine of the substance 3 times a day before meals. Before using it though give the bottle the tinctures in a good shaking.


A cure for infections of the urinary tract.
Preparation: 2 spoons of dry watermelon seeds are boiled for 5 minutes in half a liter of water. When the tea cools, drain it and drink 3-4 times a day.

Corn (corn silk)

Tea from dried corn silk has a pleasant reaction on the kidneys, bladder and urinary canals.
Preparation: Take 1 small spoon of sliced dry silk and pour hot water over it. When it cools, drain it. Drink a few times over the day whenever you want.


This cure is used for inflamed kidneys, bladders and urinary canals.
Preparation: It’s prepared like any other tea. Take 1 small cup of juice( it’s better if the juice hasn’t been boiled) for 2-3 weeks, longer if needed.

From a medical perspective the oat is a stimulative, nutritious and a nerve tonic. It’s mainly used to stabilize the nerves (regular nerve weakness, exhaustion).

Oats are also an efficient agent for various sexual problems, it’s also used for irritation of the prostate. Oat is used as a liquid extract or for tea. ( you can get the extract in pharmacys)
Use: Put 15 drops of the extract in a cup of water, take it 3 times a day between meals. If the water is warm, the reaction will be quicker, and if the water is cold the reaction will be slower but longer lasting.
From the very first prostate pains, it’s recommended to use team made from oats, willow bark and celery seeds.
Use: One soup spoon of oats and minced willow bark are but in a big container and 2.5 l of water is poured over them.
Boil on weak heat for 15 minutes then drain, then the warm tea is poured over the entire seed. The container is sealed and the tea should be left until it cools then drain again. Drink a small cup of it 3-4 times a day.

Raspberry – leaf

It’s recommended as a refreshment and for energizing, it also has different healing effects.
It eases pains, lessens the irritations in the urinary canals and eases menstrual pains.
The chinese also recommend a recipe against nervous tension in the day during menstruation or for women in menopause.
Preparation: In a container mix equal parts raspberry and lime (a few spoons). Take 1 spoon from this mix and pour 1 cup of hot water, wait 5 minutes then drain. Take this 3 times a day.