In this article, we will give you several recipes for treating large pores on your skin.

15 gr rosemary leaves
20 gr Rose de Mai leaves
2.5 boiling water
Instructions: put the herbs in the water and leave them soak for an hour. Then, strain the liquid and pour it in a bottle. Keep the bottle on dark and cold place.
Use: the lotion is suitable for treating oily skin with large pores. You cad also add lemon juice or fresh cucumber in the lotion. Apply this lotion every morning and every night on clean face.


15 gr of rosemary
10 grams of frankincense
0.5 l distilled water
Instructions: soak the herbs in water and leave the mixture during the night. In the morning heat the mixture until it boils and then strain the liquid. Wait until it cools down and pour the liquid in a bottle. Keep the bottle in dark and cold place.
Use: every morning and every night wash your face with natural soap and then apply the lotion.


30 gr of thyme
one lemon
Вј liters of water
Instructions: soak the thyme in cold water for two hours. Then, heat the liquid until it boils leave it cool down and then add the lemon juice.
Use: for best results steam your face with chamomile tea before you apply the lotion. After that apply cream face that contains vitamin A.