Skin is very sensitive on vitamins deficiencies. People that are lacking vitamin A have very dry and sometimes even hyperkeratosis skin. Individuals with this skin type should use a cure made of banana, pumpkin, celery, cabbage, dandelion, carrot, parsley, tomato, spinach and watercress.
If you have vitamin B1 and B2 deficiency your skin will be pale because it can’t use the nourishment that the blood carries and gets weaker every day. For this issue consume: bananas, cabbage, yest, lentil, hazelnuts, wheat grains, walnuts, soy and buckwheat.
Vitamin B6 is especially important if you are prone to chronic dermatoses because this vitamin increases the immunity against infections. Black treacle (molasses), corn grains and Royal jelly are rich source of this vitamin.
Vitamin C is very powerful against cigarette toxins, prevents the skin from drying and from the appearance of wrinkles. Almost all fruits and vegetables contain this vitamin, but lemons and oranges are full of it.
Vitamin B3 keeps the skin smooth and you can consume it if you eat a lot of whole grain cereals, yeast and whole wheat bread.
Moreover, from time to time you can apply a facial mask made of one egg yolk mixed in a teaspoon of olive oil. Apply the mask on your face and leave it for 15 minutes and then remove it with cotton soaked in a mixture of milk and rose extract.
Tips for men:
Before shaving apply a lotion of linden tea (three pinches for one cup).
Natural after shave lotion: in ВЅ liter of 70% alcohol soak two pinches of blackcurrant leaves, two pinches of celandine leaves and flowers, two pinches of peppermint leaves and two pinches of savory leaves and flowers. Leave the ingredients to soak for 24 hours and your homemade lotion is ready.
Eau de toilette- follow the recipe for the lotion and just add two pinches of linden leaves and two pinches sweet violet flowers.